Progress as a Constant Factor

In their search for the ultimate in innovation Van Vlastuin Agro continuously invest in people, processes and equipment. In this way we can make sure that all your shipments take place in the most efficient way. Some examples of our innovations:

Van Vlastuin Agro continuously innovate and invest in the renewal of their equipment.In doing so we strive for the lowest possible weight of both trucks and trailers to make good use of the maximum load capacity.  All our trailers (both tipper trailers and walking floor trailers) are equipped with so-called dust bags. This enables a near dust-free and metered unloading. Our walking floor trailers also offer the option of transporting part-lots (both bulk as well as on pallets/in big bags).

The Instruction and Training of our Staff
In addition to technology, our employees - particularly our drivers - play an important role in the optimisation and professionalisation of our activities. This is why all our drivers receive refresher training on a regular basis, also within the context of the mandatory ‘Code-95’ periodic training for professional drivers. We achieve this refresher training by offering our drivers (practical) training courses in the field of driving style, damage prevention and specific subjects, such as the safe and responsible transport of animal feed and consumer goods (GMP).

ICT and Customer Communication
Van Vlastuin Agro have developed their own ICT portal where all transport orders and processes can be followed. Once unloaded, the CMR consignment notes and weighing notes quickly become available online. You can even access any historical information in the system.

What the ICT portal aims for, is quality control, cost savings and process optimisation. It generates information that is beneficial to both our customers and Van Vlastuin Agro. In addition, we regularly coach our drivers by conducting driving style analyses that are generated by the on-board computer. This enables us to coach each driver individually regarding the improvement and professionalisation of their driving style and work.

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