Our Sport: Technical Progress

The trucks of Van Vlastuin Agro travel more than 6,000,000 kilometres each year throughout Europe. Three of those kilometres are very special. These are the 3000 metres we drive each season in the national truck pulling competition. And with great success, since our team is among the top in the Netherlands. Winning these contests is not a priority for us. For us it is all about technical development and testing innovations. Partly through our truck pulling activities, we have managed to make our transport combinations lighter and more economical. It may sound strange, but this resulted in a profit for our customers as well as the environment. We also gained experience in driving on rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and LNG gas.

The foundation of our truck pulling success is a team of enthusiastic technicians, most of whom work for our company. They are volunteers who enjoy tinkering and trying out new technologies on Saturdays and weekday evenings. For those who don't know what truck pulling is; it is where a truck pulls a trailer with its front resting on a sled instead of wheels. The participants try to move the adapted trailer for as far as possible on a track of loam soil. The length of the track is 100 to 120 metres and there are 15 contests each year, so if you add it up we only drive 3 kilometres with our truck. Since the resistance increases during the run, it becomes more difficult to move the adapted trailer forward. This makes it a challenge where the participants need to develop as much power and speed with their vehicle in order to pull the adapted trailer across the finish line.

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